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Using the bpython Enhanced REPL (Overview)

The standard Python interpreter lets you run scripts from files or interactively execute code on the fly in a so-called read-evaluate-print loop (REPL). While this is a powerful tool for exploring the language and discovering its libraries through instant feedback on your code inputs, the default REPL shipped with Python has several limitations. Luckily, alternatives like bpython offer a much more programmer-friendly and convenient experience.

You can use bpython to experiment with your code or quickly test an idea without switching contexts between different programs, just like in an integrated development environment (IDE). In addition, bpython may be a valuable teaching tool in either a virtual or physical classroom.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Install and use bpython as your alternative Python REPL
  • Boost your productivity thanks to bpython’s unique features
  • Tweak bpython’s configuration and its color theme
  • Use common keyboard shortcuts to code more quickly
  • Contribute to bpython’s open-source project on GitHub

Before starting this course, make sure you’re already familiar with Python basics and know how to start the standard Python REPL in the command line. In addition, you should be able to install packages with pip, ideally into a virtual environment.


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