Python Basics Exercises: Reading and Writing Files

Bartosz Zaczyński
Bartosz Zaczyński 20 Lessons 45m basics python

Files play a key role in computing, as they store and transfer data. You likely come across numerous files on a daily basis. In Python Basics: Reading and Writing Files, you dove into the world of file manipulation using Python.

In this video course, you’ll practice:

  • Differentiating between text and binary files
  • Using character encodings and line endings
  • Manipulating file objects in Python
  • Reading and writing character data with different file modes
  • Using open(),, and the with statement
  • Leveraging the csv module to manipulate CSV data

This video course is part of the Python Basics series, which is complements the book Python Basics: A Practical Introduction to Python 3. Additionally, you can explore other Python Basics courses.

Please note that throughout this course, you’ll be using IDLE to interact with Python. If you’re new to Python, then you might want to check out Python Basics: Setting Up Python before diving into this course.

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