Exploring Special Function Parameters

Ian Currie
Ian Currie 9 Lessons 21m intermediate python

Have you ever come across the forward slash (/) and asterisk (*) symbols in the documentation for your favorite libraries? These represent special parameters, which tell you what kinds of arguments you can use to call a given function. In Python, these parameters can help you ensure that your functions are used correctly.

Maybe you’re a regular at Real Python’s weekly Office Hours meetup, or perhaps you’re curious about what happens there. You’ll get a glimpse in this Code Conversation, which answers one participant’s question of how to interpret and apply special function parameters in writing and calling functions.

In this Code Conversation video course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set default values for arguments
  • Write positional-only, keyword-only, and combined functions
  • Refer to the forward slash (/) and asterisk (*) accurately
  • Use special function parameters in real-world code

What’s Included:

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