Improve Your Tests With the Python Mock Object Library (Overview)

When you’re writing robust code, tests are essential for verifying that your application logic is correct, reliable, and efficient. However, the value of your tests depends on how well they demonstrate these criteria. Obstacles such as complex logic and unpredictable dependencies make writing valuable tests difficult. The Python mock object library, unittest.mock, can help you overcome these obstacles.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Create Python mock objects using Mock
  • Assert that you’re using objects as you intended
  • Inspect usage data stored on your Python mocks
  • Configure certain aspects of your Python mock objects
  • Substitute your mocks for real objects using patch()
  • Avoid common problems inherent in Python mocking

You’ll begin by seeing what mocking is and how it will improve your tests!


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Course Slides (.pdf)

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