Jahongir Rahmonov

About Jahongir Rahmonov

As a software developer, Jahongir mostly writes in Python, the Django framework specifically. However, as a startup employee, he has had to wear many hats and lately he has been involved in DevOps most of the time. As a result, in his day-to-day job, he is using Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, GCP and AWS.

Also, he has tried himself as a speaker a couple of times. He regularly gives talks at local meetups. However, his first real speaking activity was in Google IO Extended 2017 at Inha University where he gave a talk called “Web apps deployment at Super Dispatch: past, present and future”

He has a dream of becoming a Googler and he is trying his best to accomplish this. He believes that the best way to learn is to teach and thus he shares his knowledge and experience acquired along the way at his blog.

You can also find him on Twitter.

Tutorials by Jahongir: