Explore Your Dataset With pandas

Do you have a large dataset that’s full of interesting insights, but you’re not sure where to start exploring it? Has your boss asked you to generate some statistics from it, but they’re not so easy to extract? These are precisely the use cases where pandas and Python can help you! With these tools, you’ll be able to slice a large dataset down into manageable parts and glean insight from that information.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Calculate metrics about your data
  • Perform basic queries and aggregations
  • Discover and handle incorrect data, inconsistencies, and missing values
  • Visualize your data with plots

You’ll also learn about the differences between the main data structures that pandas and Python use.

What’s Included:

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Douglas Starnes is a tech author and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in developer technologies in Memphis, TN. He is also the co-director of the Memphis Python User Group and has been working with Python professionally for 8 years.

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pnmcdos on April 7, 2022

Very informative. I was able to follow along with your video. This was extremely helpful.

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