Data Visualization With Python

Learning PathSkills: NumPy, Matplotlib, Bokeh, Seaborn, pandas

Python Histogram Plots

Embark on a comprehensive journey into the world of data visualization with Python. This learning path will guide you from the basics of plotting histograms to exploring specific libraries like Matplotlib, Bokeh, and ggplot.

Finally, you’ll apply your skills to create interactive web applications using Dash. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, this path offers an engaging approach to improving your data visualization skills.

Data Visualization With Python

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Introduction to Data Visualization in Python

Kickstart your journey with these foundational courses on data visualization in Python. Learn the basics of creating histograms and plots using libraries like NumPy, Matplotlib, pandas, and Seaborn.

Plot With Pandas: Python Data Visualization for Beginners


Plot With pandas: Python Data Visualization Basics

Get to know the basic plotting possibilities that Python provides in the popular data analysis library pandas. You'll learn about the different kinds of plots that pandas offers, how to use them for data exploration, and which types of plots are best for certain use cases.

Python Histogram Plots


Python Histogram Plotting: NumPy, Matplotlib, Pandas & Seaborn

Learn how to make production-quality, presentation-ready Python histogram plots with a range of choices and features. It's your one-stop shop for constructing and manipulating histograms with Python's scientific stack.


Data Visualization Libraries in Python

Delve deeper into Python’s data visualization capabilities with these courses. Discover the specifics of plotting with Matplotlib, creating interactive visuals with Bokeh, and utilizing the grammar of graphics via ggplot.

Python Matplotlib


Python Plotting With Matplotlib

Learn about plotting in Python with Matplotlib by looking at the theory and following along with practical examples in this beginner-friendly course.

Visualizing Data in Python Using plt.scatter()


Using plt.scatter() to Visualize Data in Python

Learn how to create scatter plots in Python, which are a key part of many data visualization applications. You'll get an introduction to plt.scatter(), a versatile function in the Matplotlib module for creating scatter plots.

Visualizing Data in Python With Seaborn


Visualizing Data in Python With Seaborn

Learn how to use the Python seaborn library to produce statistical data analysis plots to allow you to better visualize your data. You'll learn how to use both its traditional classic interface and more modern objects interface.

Interactive Data Visualization in Python With Bokeh


Interactive Data Visualization in Python With Bokeh

Get you up and running with Bokeh, using examples and a real-world dataset. You'll learn how to visualize your data, customize and organize your visualizations, and add interactivity.

Using ggplot in Python: Visualizing Data With plotnine


Graph Your Data With Python and ggplot

Learn how to use ggplot in Python to build data visualizations with plotnine. You'll discover what a grammar of graphics is and how it can help you create plots in a very concise and consistent way.


Applied Data Visualization

In this final section, apply your data visualization skills in Python on real world tasks. Learn to build interactive web applications with Dash, and interactive web maps using Folium. Then, explore the creative side of data visualization by drawing the Mandelbrot set, a famous fractal, using Matplotlib and Pillow.

Develop Data Visualization Interfaces in Python With Dash


Data Visualization Interfaces in Python With Dash

Learn how to build a dashboard using Python and Dash. Dash is a framework for building data visualization interfaces. It helps data scientists build fully interactive web applications quickly.

Python Folium: Create Web Maps From Your Data


Creating Web Maps From Your Data With Python Folium

You'll learn how to create web maps from data using Folium. The package combines Python's data-wrangling strengths with the data-visualization power of the JavaScript library Leaflet. In this video course, you'll create and style a choropleth world map showing the ecological footprint per country.

Draw the Mandelbrot Set in Python


Draw the Mandelbrot Set in Python

In this tutorial, you'll visualize the famous Mandelbrot set using Python's Matplotlib and Pillow libraries. You'll learn how to draw the fractal in black and white, grayscale, and color.


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