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The Importance of Building Projects

00:00 The Importance of Building Projects. So, why is it important to build projects? Well, firstly, building projects builds confidence in a solid and realistic manner.

00:11 If you’ve already built a number of database systems, the next one will be easier, even if involves features and techniques that you haven’t used before.

00:20 You’ll also be more confident handling any new technologies for the current project. This brings me on to the second point: technologies. As alluded to already, experience of technologies and frameworks and how to integrate them into your projects is something that you’ll gain every time you do it.

00:37 You’ll gain real-world experience of programming concepts, you’ll learn to write more maintainable code and get real-world experience of ideas such as design patterns, object-oriented programming, and the importance of not repeating yourself.

00:51 You’ll get experience of managing a product’s life cycle, you’ll learn the advantages of planning before writing a single line of code, you’ll learn how to write more manageable and maintainable code and how to update underlying frameworks, and you’ll get experience and understanding of dealing with client requests. Without dealing with clients, it’s easy to misunderstand what people want from software and often, you’ll find their domain knowledge will mean their suggestions may well be much better than your original ideas.

01:21 It will also give you a chance to practice the soft skills that are essential for any developer to be effective.

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