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Course Introduction and Welcome

00:00 Welcome to managing Python dependencies with pip and virtual environments. Dependency management and managing third-party Python packages is a super important topic for any professional Python developer.

00:14 In my experience, even if you begin with a simple question like how do I install a third-party Python package, you can quickly go down a rabbit hole of other tools and new questions that pop up, and it can quickly get overwhelming.

00:29 This course will be your one-stop shop for becoming proficient at dependency management with Python. Let’s take a look at the course goals. By the end of the course, you will know how to install, use and manage third-party Python packages with the pip package manager; you will know how to isolate your project dependencies with so called virtual environments; you will know a complete workflow for finding and identifying quality third-party packages that you can use in your own Python projects.

01:04 You will also know how to set up repeatable development environments and application deployments with a complete workflow for that using requirements files.

01:13 If you’re wondering who the disembodied voice inside your computer is, hey that is me, Dan Bader, I am a complete Python nut and I would love to help you improve your Python skills.

01:27 I started writing code when I was eight years old and was hacking away on my Commodore 64, and I never stopped since. Programming is a complete passion for me and I eventually got a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science.

01:40 I worked in full-time positions for a few years, first as a software engineer, and then later as a lead developer and today I am an independent software developer and consultant, I run a number of Python projects and I’ve also been a speaker at various conferences around the world.

01:56 If you want some more Python learning resources, check out my website at dbader.org I’ve got tons more tutorials and videos that will help you master Python.

02:05 Alright, enough about me, let’s take a look at the course curriculum. Right now, you’re in the first module on the course “The welcome and course overview” module.

02:15 Every time I show you the course curriculum, I will always highlight in bold text where you are at the moment. So next up you’ll dive into “Managing third-party dependencies with Pip” and then after that, you’ll learn how to isolate your project dependencies with virtual environments.

02:33 In the fourth module, you’ll learn a complete workflow for finding and researching quality Python packages. Next, you’ll learn how to set up reproducible environment and application deploys.

02:44 And finally, in the sixth module there will be the course conclusion and a quick recap. That is the course curriculum. Now, this will be a really practical course, in each module you’ll encounter a mixture of slight base presentations and hands on life demos, so you can see and follow along with the exact workflows that I used to research and find Python packages or to manage dependencies in my own Python projects.

03:16 Well, congratulations, you’ve just completed the first module in the course. Time to jump in and learn about managing third-party dependencies with pip!

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aravind on Sept. 17, 2019

Hi Dan, this course is not listed in realpython.com/courses/ - any specific reason? I am using that page as sort of a directory to find all courses on this website. Are there any other courses that are available on this site but are not published on that page? Thanks.

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Dan Bader RP Team on Sept. 17, 2019

Hi aravind, I’m currently in the process of migrating all of our books and courses to the realpython.com platform and you’ll find all of them in our store section at realpython.com/products.

realpython.com/courses lists all of our members-only video courses that require an active subscription to access. I also recommend that you check out our site-wide search feature to quickly find the content you’re looking for. Hope this helps!

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saidileep635 on July 1, 2020

I am actually looking for flask performance improvement material or courses.

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amkelly on Aug. 6, 2020

Hi there, I’ve been wrestling with exactly these problems today in setting up my development environment for a project, so very glad to have access to this course. I’ve also just stumbled across this library: pipenv.pypa.io/en/latest/ that seems to help the developer manage pip and venv at the same time, which sounds helpful once I understand how both parts function separately thanks to this course.

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Bartosz Zaczyński RP Team on Aug. 6, 2020

Hey, @amkelly. You may be also interested in checking out Poetry, which some people prefer over Pipenv.

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chsafouane on Oct. 31, 2020

I’ve compeleted the course and I think it’s amazing! But is it possible to add the recent changes in pip to the content of the course?

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