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Pointers and Objects in Python (Summary)

You now know how Python deals with objects and pointers! You learned about the differences between names and variables, which is important for understanding how Python handles variables. You also saw that you can simulate pointers in Python without sacrificing the memory safety that Python provides.

You can simulate pointers in Python by:

  • Using mutable objects as low-overhead pointers
  • Creating custom Python objects for ease of use
  • Unlocking real pointers with the ctypes module

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Avatar image for DFreyer

DFreyer on July 8, 2020

Very good Presentation. I learned a lot.

Avatar image for Santosh

Santosh on July 8, 2020

Great job! Loved the flow and presentation.

Avatar image for felixthec

felixthec on July 8, 2020

:Applause: A very good and informative presentation.

Avatar image for Jordan Rowland

Jordan Rowland on July 11, 2020

This was an awesome lesson! Very clear and concise. Bravo!

Avatar image for Hilman

Hilman on July 11, 2020

Good presentation. A good refresh for me on C pointer. And this is my first time learning working with C type in python!

Avatar image for mahlenius

mahlenius on July 12, 2020

Great presentation. Very helpful. Its great that he calls out where Python is strong for some problems and weak for others.

thank you

Avatar image for Alex

Alex on July 15, 2020

awesome presentation!

Avatar image for anders stenborg martin

anders stenborg martin on July 15, 2020

Great course, well presented!

Avatar image for carl

carl on July 15, 2020

Nice presentation. Would love to see a more advanced course on using the ctypes module to call C functions for all sorts of argument types and return types.

Avatar image for srihariraju

srihariraju on Aug. 12, 2020

Good presentation

Avatar image for Ghani

Ghani on Oct. 18, 2020

Very informative and clear; thank you so much!

Avatar image for g2sgautam

g2sgautam on Dec. 20, 2020

I am getting an error

“TypeError: ‘CDLL’ object is not callable” on my Windows machine when I execute the code in 2nd last vide tutorial

Any solutions ?

Avatar image for Mark

Mark on Sept. 11, 2021

Great course, Austin. I’ve watched it three times to drill it in, and just wanted to drop a comment saying you’re a good teacher. All writers here on Real Python strike me as good, but I found you stood out. I’ll be looking for content from you in the future. I just felt compelled to pat you on the back for this course. Good job!

Avatar image for Joachim Spange

Joachim Spange on Dec. 12, 2022

Great course. After posting Add a pointer to image data in memory to acquisition queue, not the retrieved image data at stack overflow and not getting any answers within the coming days I watched this series. It was really insightfull and I now understand the complexity of the question I’m asking and why I’ll maybe never get a conclusive answer. I must roll up my sleeves and fix this with a C-function and CPython

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