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Sign Up For a Free Heroku Account

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00:00 In this short video, you’ll walk through signing up for a free Heroku account. Heroku is a popular cloud platform provider, which works in the Platform as a Service model. Unlike other major players, it lets you focus on what’s most important to you, which is writing code, instead of managing the infrastructure like installing the security updates, doing backups, rollbacks, and so on. That can dramatically reduce the time between having an idea and a working application online. On top of that, Heroku is free of charge with a limited account, no credit card required.

00:32 It’s quick to set up, pretty intuitive to use, and it comes with support for Python and Django out of the box, among many other languages and frameworks, as you can see down here. That lets you take your web project online literally in minutes. So, let’s go ahead and sign up.

00:48 Once you navigate your web browser to the Heroku homepage, click the Sign up button in the top right corner over here.

00:55 It will present you with a registration form to fill in your name and other details.

01:03 Afterwards, you’ll receive an email with a confirmation link to follow. When you later set up the password and accept the terms of service, you’ll eventually land on the Heroku dashboard.

01:13 You can use the dashboard to create, manage, and monitor your apps, but it’s much more convenient to do so from the command line, so this is the last time you’re going to see the dashboard in this course. In the next lesson, you’ll install and learn how to use the Heroku CLI, which is a powerful command-line interface for your Heroku account.

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