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String Concatenation (Solution)

00:00 The task was to create two strings and assign them to variables,

00:10 concatenate them without a space, and concatenate them with a space.

00:22 Let’s get started by creating two variables that point to strings. I’ll start with string_left, which I will point to a string called "bat", and then I’ll do another one, string_right, that I’ll point to "man".

00:44 And now I can use a call to print() to stick these two together. So I’ll open up the parentheses after writing print, and then type string_left

00:55 plus string_right. Close the parentheses. So as you can see here, I’m using the plus operator (+), which if you use it with strings, it concatenates them together, so it’ll literally stick bat and man together without any space in between.

01:12 I press Enter to confirm we get the string batman stuck together. Now the last task was to concatenate them with a space. So I will just copy my call to print() and jump into the middle of this, next to the plus operator.

01:28 And here I’ll add yet another string, just a whitespace character.

01:35 So I’m opening up the quotes, putting a whitespace character, and then closing the quotes. Again, that’s a perfectly valid string. It’s just a string that only consists of one character, which is a space (" ") in that case. Again, I’m using plus operators left and right to stick these three strings together.

01:54 So now when I press Enter, I will get one string, bat man, all in one. And that’s the exercise.

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