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Understanding Python List Comprehensions (Summary)

Whenever you have to choose a list creation method, try multiple implementations and consider what’s easiest to read and understand in your specific scenario. If performance is important, then you can use profiling tools to give you actionable data instead of relying on hunches or guesses about what works the best.

In this course, you learned how to:

  • Simplify loops and map() calls with declarative list comprehensions
  • Supercharge your comprehensions with conditional logic
  • Create set and dictionary comprehensions
  • Determine when code clarity or performance dictates an alternative approach

Remember that while Python list comprehensions get a lot of attention, your intuition and ability to use data when it counts will help you write clean code that serves the task at hand. This, ultimately, is the key to making your code Pythonic!


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Alan ODannel on April 7, 2021

Nice course, informative and flowed at a good pace. I had an understanding on Comprehensions, this course introduced concepts that I was not aware of. Thank you.

Christian Breiholz on June 19, 2021

Really helpful. When I first list comprehensions, I was a bit overwhelmed. This tutorial made it clear!

MAStough on Jan. 14, 2022

Nice brief introduction. Coupling this with the written article allowed me to pratice over in a Thonny file. I even picked up something beyond LC…timeit module! Thanks.

David S on Feb. 22, 2022

I really appreciated the clear examples and emphasis on readability!

rwelk on Feb. 13, 2024

Much information to take in on first viewing. I will do the reading then retake this lesson.Being relatively new to Python it take more time for the light bulb to turn on. I enjoyed the video.

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