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Replit In-Browser IDE Setup (Optional)

Click here to access Replit for FastAPIMongita.

00:00 The demo for this course will be a small, data-driven REST API, and I’m sure you would like to get right into coding and not have to set up a development environment. In the next lesson, you’ll see how to use Visual Studio Code, which is the editor I’ll be using for the course. However, if you’d like to get up and running quickly, there is an alternative. Go to this link here in the browser,

00:26 and it will take you to, which will let you run the demo in the browser. And you don’t have to pay for or install any software. Now to actually get a user interface and IDE to interact with the code, you’ll need to sign in with a GitHub or a Google account. And again, this is free. It doesn’t cost you anything at all.

00:45 Then you can fork the project, which is called a repl, similar to how you would fork a GitHub repository. And you can connect a GitHub repository to a repl. In fact, that’s how I created this repl.

00:59 Click the Run button after the repl starts,

01:04 and a web view will appear and show a little bit of JSON. Now to do more, you’re going to need to pop the web view into a new tab. So if you click this button, it will open up a new tab.

01:19 And now you can edit the URL and access other endpoints, including the interactive documentation that you’ll see later in the course. You can even modify the code and see other features of FastAPI, or you can create your own repls and build your own API from scratch.

01:36 Then if you want, you can easily continue development in a desktop or other editor app. In the next lesson, you’ll see how to get started with the code.

Jason Graham on April 5, 2022

The linked repl returns a 404 error.

Douglas Starnes on April 5, 2022

@Jason Graham It should be working now

Jason Graham on April 6, 2022

@Douglas Starnes confirmed working now. Thanks!

James Butler on Nov. 2, 2022

The linked repl does not work.

Bartosz Zaczyński RP Team on Nov. 3, 2022

@James Butler Maybe you made a typo while entering the address by hand? You can find the linked REPL in the description of this video:

If the REPL is showing for you, but you’re experiencing a different problem, then try logging in to to make a fork.

James Butler on Nov. 3, 2022

@Bartosz Zaczyński Thank you.

Savitoj Cheema on Oct. 24, 2023

Replit link is not working anymore.

Bartosz Zaczyński RP Team on Oct. 25, 2023

I wonder if this has anything to do with replit permanently moving to paid hosting after 7 years of free service. There was a Hacker News thread about it not that long ago.

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