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Showcase Your Projects: Overview

In this section, you’re going to build out the projects app so that it can show not just some HTML text but also the projects that you’re going to put in there.

Before you get started, make sure you’ve completed all of the tasks you needed to in the previous section. You’re going to learn about models and interactions with a database.

00:00 All right! Welcome to Part 4, where we are finally going to build out this projects app so that it actually has this capacity to show, not just some HTML text, but actually the projects that you’re going to put in there.

00:14 Before we get started, make sure that you have all these things done already. So, this is what we went through in the previous sections. Make sure you have all the setup done, that you have your portfolio Django project, and that you also have an app in there called projects.

00:31 In the previous section, we also connected the file a bit differently to make sure that this routing works, as well as that you have this double templates folder setup already done.

00:40 It’s going to make things smoother for continuing from here on. All right, so this is the section where we actually get serious!

00:48 So, let’s talk a little bit about this section.

00:51 We’re going to add something in here, in this part that we haven’t gone over before, which is models and the interactions with the database. So far, we haven’t pulled anything from the database and haven’t written anything there, but in this section, we’re going to do that.

01:05 We’re going to store our projects in the database and we’re going to interact with the database using Django models. So, that’s what we’re going to start to look at, at the beginning. Later, we’re going to take a look at adding static files, so we’re going to have some images associated with the projects that we’re displaying.

01:23 We’re going to have some images associated with the projects that we’re displaying, we’re going to learn how to correctly connect these images so that they display, we’re going to use the Django shell to add our projects to the database. Later on, we’re going to look at a different way of doing that, but in here we’re going to do it using the Django shell.

01:43 Then, we’re going to go over the same process that we already went over before. We’re going to build out the routes that we need, we’re going to create the views that we need to pull from the database and send it forward to the template.

01:56 Then, we’re going to create our templates and make sure that it actually displays, add some Bootstrap style, and then we’ve finished up our projects app and we’re going to just zoom over it and take a look at what we did. So again, this is the section where we’re going to get seriously serious.

02:12 So, make sure that you have your setup done, and that you’re ready for some real Django action. Okay. See you in the next video.

reblark on Nov. 1, 2019

Starting yesterday, the videos won’t load when I click on the start arrow. I get an infinitely swirling circle. I can make it work by clicking a few seconds forward on the progress bar. But, it is annoying.

Dan Bader RP Team on Nov. 1, 2019

@reblark: Check out our video player troubleshooting article :)

bi7je on Jan. 16, 2020

I already forgot half of what we learned in the previous sections.. Thats kind of a recurring problem for me. I keep forgetting :/

Great course though

Martin Breuss RP Team on Jan. 17, 2020

That’s just part of the learning process @bi7je. Sadly, learning something doesn’t yet mean that we’ll remember it. Remembering actually needs quite a lot of training and repetition, that’s just how it is

Go back over the course content again, and build the app a second time (and a third time). Eventually it’ll stick. And don’t beat yourself up about it, it’s perfectly normal to forget things, and the only way out of that is practice and repetition.

reblark on March 9, 2020

This is excellent advice and should be shared with everybody who thinks they want to learn any kind of programming. It’s a frustrating thing, and a setup for failure, to believe that you should remember everything the first, and generally only, time through. If it worked that way, there would be a lot of great piano players out there.

Martin Breuss RP Team on March 9, 2020

Exactly! Learning anything new is a lot about practice and repetition! 🎹🖥📝🏄‍♀️.......

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